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Our Services

At Kim's Pet Grooming, we are animal lovers at our core and we love what we do.

Look Your Best 

Full Grooming Spa

We assess your cat or dog's skin and coat quality to determine the most appropriate shampoo and conditioner. Your pet will be hand dried, which is safer and cleaner than cage drying. If required, your pet will receive a haircut and have their ears cleaned. Please speak with our groomers if your pet has any special requests.

dog in bucket of soap and water
dog nail trimming

Nail Trimming

Regular nail trimming is an important part of all animal's care. Our tools are designed specifically to trim their nails efficiently and safely.

We provide full nail trimming services to all of our clients while they wait for their turn to go to the spa. 

puppy taking a bath

Shampoo & Bath

Whether your dog has been swimming at the lake, sprayed by a skunk, or has some unwelcome critters in their fur - yes we mean fleas and ticks - we are here to help. Your pet will be assessed and groomed the moment they arrive, receiving the utmost care and attention.

Our Happy Clients

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